it’s all gone

We are well under way. Today, the movers came and took almost all of our earthly possessions. Yes, we have our wonderful database where our belongings are catalogued and tracked, but yesterday we were still packing in a frenzied dash (why does that always happen?). The clear sign was at 11pm when we were tired and realized we had a bunch of hangers and some bathroom items we forgot to pack. They all went in one box, requiring a little. . .brute force. In honor of this moment we selected a rather fitting name for said box.

a rather fitting name. . .and yes, that's 83 boxes!

a rather fitting name. . .and yes, that's 83 boxes!

A few months ago we selected Moovers, Inc. to move our household items across the country. They came with a bevy of endorsements, and the person who provided the estimate came across as the most honest and straightforward of the three who came to our house. While our experience isn’t over, the start of our Moovers experience has lived up to the hype. Four men showed up to pack up our two bedroom apartment. They wrapped every piece of furniture, and the inventory they completed rivaled my own. In addition, they acknowledged how organized we were before they even began. Without taking any real breaks they worked from 9 to 5 straight prepping and packing our place. And for the record, the total number of items they actually loaded was within the margin of error the estimator predicted. If our cats, Max & Duckie, hadn’t cried, moaned, and freaked out the whole time it would have been almost blissful.

Tonight we’re camping out in our own apartment. We’re sleeping on an air mattress, and we ate dinner on our windowsill (Mike said it felt like a Parisian bistro). Tomorrow we clean, and Wednesday we hit the road. At this point, however, my greatest hope is that Max emerges from the bathroom windowsill at some point tonight.

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