mad in SF. . . in every way

Yes, we made it. Our cross country drive went pretty much as planned (more later, I promise). Today, our first full day in SF, the cable guy came and hooked up our internet access. In other respects, we’re camping indoors. It’s true that you don’t appreciate the little things like running water and a working toilet in the same room until you’ve lost it. Therefore, mad will be focused on some critical infrastructure projects this week before I go back to work–removing wallpaper and painting will have to wait until the little things like electricity and plumbing are addressed. But we do have broadband, which placates me a little and makes it easier to resolve the other issues.

One Response to “mad in SF. . . in every way”

  1. Suzi says:

    Yeah! So glad to hear you made it. And happy to hear you have your priorities straight–definitely broadband before running water. *grin*

    Hope you have all the necessities up and running soon. Don’t do TOO much. You are supposed to be on vacation. Hmmm…your vacation may provide a new definition. We have vacation and staycation and now madcation.

    Hang in there!