let the painting begin!

mad is officially DONE priming the living room. To sum up, here’s what we’ve done so far:

1. Laid plastic on the floor.
2. Scraped 1,000 year old, painted over wallpaper off the walls.
3. Removed the old (though not antique), hollow, huge mantle from the fireplace hearth (increasing the width of the room by what feels like five feet).
4. Scrubbed the walls, baseboards, ceiling, and moldings with water/tsp.
5. Re-plastered the wiggly walls to the lath.
6. Spackled the cracks from the wiggly walls and the holes we created to fix the wiggles.
7. Painted the first coat of primer.
8. Spackled all the spots we missed.
9. Sanded all the spackling.
10. Removed the sand-covered plastic.
11. Laid fresh plastic (sans sand) on the floor.
12. Painted the second coat of primer.

So it’s with great excitement that we move on to the painting phase. mad has decided to go for a subtle light brown/taupe for the walls. We’ll make a final decision at the store tomorrow, but there are a few colors that are in the running. It’s hard to not allow the name of the color influence our decision. For while Mike thinks “Broken Arrow” might be a little too pink for his taste, how can one resist painting your walls the same name as a bad John Travolta action movie?

It might be too pink for Mike, but can I really go for "Clay" over "Broken Arrow"?

It might be too pink for Mike, but can I really go for "Clay" over "Broken Arrow"?

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