another room bites the dust

The rumors that mike and I were buried under a pile of stripped wallpaper and spackle are not true. We’re alive and kicking, and continuing to improve our little abode room by room. I will admit that we dragged our feet on this latest room a little more than usual. You may ask why. I think it was a combination of factors, including the aforementioned home rehab fatigue, a new job for me, and other small projects we’ll share with you in upcoming posts. I think the biggest reason, however, is that we didn’t have to rush this room. Every other room we’ve worked on was a room that we spent time in or walked by every day–the living room, dining room, and our bedroom couldn’t be ignored (even when we wanted to ignore them). With Mike’s office, we made some adjustments that allowed us to close the door to the room when we weren’t actively working on it. We temporarily relocated Mike’s desk and all other essential furniture to our bedroom. On one level, it was lovely. But on another level it was definitely a procrastination-friendly setup. And while the room looks a little monastic right now (it’s the first time I’ve seen a room in person that didn’t have enough furniture in it), the walls don’t wiggle and the wallpaper is gone. We’re not done “designing” the room, but we are done rehabbing it and we think the results are pretty dramatic. Here’s one before shot (you can see others on our flickr site):

2nd bedroom before 4

Mike's office before

And here’s the same point of view yesterday:
2nd bedroom, post rehab

And for a little extra perspective, here’s what Mike’s office looked like back in New York:
2nd bedroom in nyc

We’re still trying to figure out what Mike’s going to do with all the extra space. Right now, Mike is thoroughly enjoying the echo. I promise, as we add more furniture and little things like window coverings we’ll happily share the results with you.

Mike and I are planning to work on our front hallway next–so we’ll be back to “in your face” rehabbing toot sweet

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  1. Callia says:

    Saw the pics. Nice work!