Mad about NYC

Mad is in a unique position–we’re not fleeing New York City. We love NYC–and will continue to love NYC. Mike is a true native-born and raised in Queens–and Denise is the only Californian that both New Yorkers and Californians believe is actually from New York City. Mad simply can’t resist the opportunity to move into a home in another great city that we won’t have to leave–and start a new adventure, all while helping our family in the process. Over the next few weeks, as we finish packing, we’ll use this blog to document some of the things we adore about our current home town. Of course, as good New Yorkers, we’ll also find a few things to lovingly criticize.

One of mad’s favorite neighborhoods is Soho (which is an acronym that stands for South of Houston St). We love the architecture, the cobblestone streets, the fellows who sell bolexes and gucco watches, and a few of our favorite stores (Muji, Pearl River, and Le Pain Quotidien). Mostly, we love the overall sensibility. It will be one of the hardest places to part with, especially because there really isn’t any San Francisco equivalent; of course, we’ll make due with all the great neighborhoods in SF, but Soho has the distinction of being unique.

Quintessential Soho architecture

Quintessential Soho architecture

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  1. Michelle says:

    I really enjoyed your blog. Good luck with the move.