the ennui of kartong

Before we were a twinkle in the others eye, on opposite sides of this great country of ours, Mike and I had executed many moves. So we’re aware that every move requires cardboard. Of course, in our youth, this is what the loading dock of the grocery store was for. Unfortunately, now that we’re a little more selective with the possessions we hold onto, we’re less comfortable with the concept of our books and stereo equipment sharing space with rancid vinaigrette. In addition, my type A tendencies have reached a zenith (I hope) and I can’t resist the appeal of having the ideal shaped and sized boxes for our various belongings.

Therefore, we made the conscious decision to purchase boxes. Of course, my gene pool does not allow me to pay retail for such items, and Mike, on a good day, can be described as frugal. So to the internet we went–the haven of the unfulfilled researcher. Not surprisingly, Mike and I uncovered a secret cartel of cardboard manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. No matter where we searched, the price of cardboard items was pretty much the same. We ended up going to a wholesaler in Long Island City. Given the amount we paid for the boxes we purchased, I was pleased to discover that we’re now also a partial owner of the cardboard wholesale business.

At least we didn’t pay retail.


more expensive by weight than gold. . .

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