Before we started this endeavor, I knew there would be setbacks. Really, I did. But when we’re so close to having the living room finished, setbacks really set me back. We’ve replaced other light fixtures in the house, but it seems that the light fixture in our living room is going to present us with some challenges. So for now, we have to live with what looks like a tarantula growing out of the ceiling until we complete some research, breathe, and reboot. And if any of our readers are familiar with replacing victorian lighting tarantulas with more contemporary fixtures, please let me know.

Not a tarantula, but it is laughing at me.

Not a tarantula, but it is laughing at me.

3 Responses to “dagnabit”

  1. Patty C. says:

    Hello, mad. You might be able to find a lighting kit at this website that could be used to modify your tarantula. They specialize in reproduction fixtures (which it sounds like you do not want), but their repros are designed to be installed in modern environments. It’s called “Renovators’ Supply”; perhaps you already know of them.


  2. denise says:

    Thanks, Patty. We found many sites like the one you mentioned, but not that one specifically. Every little bit helps. . .thank you!

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