mad on the road

Greetings from Iowa! mad hit the road on Wednesday. Despite a 3-hour delay where mad and our two cats were stuck camping on the highway with our fellow motorists due to a downed power line in Ohio, we’ve been having fun so far. What’s made the trip a lot less painful is that the cats (and our younger cat, Duckie, in particular) have been a lot more cooperative than they were five years ago. When I drove with my pops four years ago, Duckie would find a way to hide every morning in the hotel room, causing us to take the room apart. Both yesterday and today he emerged in the morning so we could put him in his carrier. Mike and I have taken pictures which we’ll share in a future post. Today, we drive through Nebraska–wish us luck!

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  1. Miss Padraigin says:

    Hi, Denise and Mike! Sounds like you made it through Pennsylvania safely and without any chance encounters with “Pennsylvania’s Finest.” Looking forward to seeing your pictures! –Patty.