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close to another reveal. . .

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Tonight, after working a full day and eating dinner I sat on the couch and read a little. This is not monumental, except that I had zero guilt while relaxing. I didn’t feel the pull of wallpaper to be removed, plaster to be repaired, or walls to be painted. That’s because mad is currently basking in the glow of another completed (though not fully staged) space in our house. We have completed the rehab of our hallway. One would think that a hallway is easy. After all, you don’t hang out in your hallway, and it typically contains little furniture. Alas, we have learned that is not always the case. This space represented a major milestone. Unfortunately, I had started to remove some of the wallpaper two years ago, before we settled on our “one room at a time” approach. So every time we stepped in the house (or anyone else did) it was very clear this was a home in transition. To know that we’re one light fixture and a few finishing touches away from making a positive first impression to anyone who enters our home is a great feeling. We’ll share more photos and details soon, but for now, we’re going to relax a little longer.