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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

How unfortunate–a quick post in September teasing about a reveal and then nothing for months. There are reasons good and bad, big and small for our absence. The biggest reason for the delays is because we’ve bought the house that we’ve been living in for over two years. Given that the house was already in our family, our original plan was to live in the house without purchasing it. After rehabbing almost every room inside the house, we starting thinking about and planning the major work that needs to be completed on the outside. As we started to add up the costs required, we all realized that mad purchasing the house made the most sense. Buying any property in San Francisco is a time-consuming process, even (or perhaps especially) for an in-family purchase. It took us over three months to complete the process–but we’re happy to report that the house is officially ours (and the bank’s, of course). Once the process began in earnest, I didn’t want to tempt the fates with a blog post here (I’m a little superstitious). Since our last post, we’ve actually been working on a few projects that we’ll report here soon, including:
1. Rehabbing our front hallway.
2. Refreshing our living room fireplace.
3. Rewiring one of our ceiling lights.

The biggest project is the one we’re still immersed in–at the end of December we started to rehab our kitchen. We’re far from done, but we’ve accomplished enough where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The kitchen project also means the whole house is in a bit of chaos–throwing a bit of a wrench in the “reveals” of our other projects. But you’ll hear (and see more) soon.

2012 is also big for mad maison because we’ll start the process of improving the exterior of our little maison. It’s been decades since the house was painted–and it’s in need of a thorough restoration and refresh. In addition, we still have a kitchen to finish and a bathroom to rehab. There will be plenty more to see here, I promise.